Dynastia updated!

update dynastia vst3

Dynastia has been updated to 1.0.1! Mainly fixes my own mistake that didn't affect user experience. DAW's sample rate was never used, instead IPlug2's default value was used. This new version may sound more or less different as the compression timings are now different.



Terrain editor for Godot Engine 4

godot terrain tool


Multiband compressor. Another OTT clone, but with few more features.

  • Mid/side compression
  • Zero latency
  • Distortion (2x oversampling)
  • Stereo width
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multiband-compressor vst3 win


Make any sound wide without phase issues. Similar to haas effect but instead of delaying one of the channels, both are delayed and one is flipped. When summed to mono, the effect is canceled out.

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stereo-widener vst3 win


A very simple hard clip VST with 4x oversampling. Destroy your sounds, drums or even master.

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hard-clipper vst3 win

Nordic UI

A quite popular UI overhaul mod for TES:V Skyrim.

mod skyrim gui


My name is Roope and I do a lot of things. Outobugi is my coding alias if you will. Other aliases, both music related, are Vibelius and Drugbite.

Contact Email

contact [at] outobugi.com


Pori, Finland



How do I uninstall your VST's?

Delete [vst name].vst3 from Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Outobugi

Will there be Mac/Linux versions of the VST's?

Linux: maybe. Mac: no.