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multi-fx vst3 win

Drum processing chain. (v1.1.0) BANG: Transient shaper HEAT: Distortion/saturation SUB: Bass oscillator TONE: High shelf, tilt and noise CLAMP: Soft/hard clipper


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multiband-compressor vst3 win

Multi-band dynamics processor (v2.0.0). Another OTT clone, but with more features. True stereo and mid-side processing. 2x and 4x oversampling.


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clipper vst3 win

A simple soft/hard knee clipper with oversampling.


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tremolo vst3 win

Volume and pan modulator with sine, square and ramp waves. DEPTH and TIME are smoothed for automation.


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compressor vst3 win

Upwards and downwards compression. Dynastia's dynamics processing in a compact form. Includes all the same modes as Dynastia. LR processes L and R separately, MS processes mid and side separately, MID processes mid only and SIDE processes side only.


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stereo-widener vst3 win

Stereo widener with two distinct algorithms. No phase issues when summed to mono. MODE 1 delays mono signal and flips the phase of the right channel. MODE 2 same as previous but uses comb filtering and shorter delay time.


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saturation vst3 win

Saturation to distortion. HEAT is not only drive but also feeds the signal back to itself before saturation. This creates a warm but dirty sound. If you push things too far, DYNAMICS can help you bring back the lost dynamic range.


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filter vst3 win

Low-pass and high-pass filters. From 12 up to 60 dB per octave slopes. Both parameters are smoothed for automation. Smooth auto-disable when no filtering is done.

Nordic UI

mod skyrim gui

A quite popular UI overhaul mod for TES:V Skyrim.

godot terrain tool

Terrain editor for Godot Engine 4


About me and where to find

Who is Outobugi?

My name is Roope and I am from Finland. Outobugi is my software and game development alias. The name is a combination of two words, Outo (Weird) and Bugi (Bug/Glitch).

I do all the things here from graphics to code. IRL I am unemployed graphics/video/music freelancer. I mostly do graphics but I've edited a few music videos and produced beats. I went to film school in 2014 and graduated in 2017 as "media assistant". In 2021 I started ICT studies, but dropped out in early 2023.


contact [at]


Pori, Finland



How do I uninstall your VST's?

Delete [vst name].vst3 from Program Files\Common Files\VST3

Will there be Mac/Linux versions of the VST's?

Linux: maybe. Mac: It's complicated.

Are the VST's made with JUCE?

No. I use iPlug2 framework.